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AU PAIR OPTIONS has for the past 17 years “matched” au pairs and host families from Europe with success due to the honest information supplied to us by both parties.

Au Pair Options work with accredited agencies in all three European counties to find the right family for you.

AU PAIR OPTIONS will help you with the requirements for the interview, preparation of visa procedures and support during your au pair year in Europe. Characteristics like loyalty, honesty, maturity, responsibility, a sense of humor, patience and courage makes candidates from AU PAIR OPTIONS a well respected and credible agency in Europe.


  1. Meet all requirements

  2. Determine which country you would like to go (Nederlands, France, Germany, Switerzerland or Liechtenstein).

  3. Contact Au Pair Options for a free consultation appointment with your parents or guardian, you will receive information of what being an au pair involves. (1 hour).

  4. Make an appointment for registration and interview if you are positive being an Au Pair (4 hours). Requirements:
    • Introduction essay of yourself, hobbies, sport, culture, why you want to au pair, why you are interested in Europe, a brief summary of your own family and your experience with children.
    • Photos (10-15): one full face photo of yourself, and photos with friends, children, family, holidays and lifestyle
    • Copy of recent school report
    • 2 ID photo’s
    • Registration fee

  5. After a successful interview, the matching process starts.  Au Pair Options takes pride in finding the right family for the right au pair.

  6. Once you have been matched, the (sometimes lengthy) visa procedure can start. For most of our candidates, we have placement opportunities each year in January. Naturally we will look at your individual situation, but in general you should contact Au Pair Options no later than July, if you would like to be an au pair the following January.